Miss B

“Melanie has been an incredible person to talk with. I love that she isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. She has really pushed me to take risks and become the woman I’ve wanted to be for a long time. We spoke for about a year about me creating a children’s book and really putting it out there. I was afraid and didn’t know how to begin. I remember her asking me something along the lines of “What good is your work if it’s just sitting on your computer for no one else to see?” She handed me a business card about someone assisting me and I ignored it, so she then emailed me a webinar to watch about how possible it could be for me to write a book. I tried to ignore that too, but something told me to just listen. From watching the webinar, I began taking a class in writing and publishing a children’s book, it took me about 2 months to finally just do it and complete it! Now I am a published author and my work is out there! Melanie was there every step of the way in making my book a reality, encouraging me, keeping me moving forward, and celebrating with me once it was published. I can’t thank her enough being there. Because of her encouragement, this has shown me that I can set goals for myself, complete them, and that I am worthy of being seen and heard. “  Miss B Children’s book Author


V. San Juan

" I am grateful for the experiences my life partner and I had with Melanie Foote-Davis. At first my partner and I, who have been together for nearly 25 years, did not know what to expect from your coaching. Well, both of us learned new things about each other in just one coaching session to help us become better listeners. It was not only what we learned to do, but how your coaching made us learn in a non-confrontational environment. Melanie Foote-Davis has a unique communication style that is very effective as a facilitator of people. You are not judgmental in your approach and have an easy style to get people to discuss and listen. I recommend Melanie to any couple, to any person, and any organization that needs some support by an effective coach. "

V. San Juan  Chicago, Illinois


“ WOW!!! Words cannot begin to express how Melanie has changed my life. It has allowed me to deal with situations in my life that would have eventually stopped my destiny. The life coaching has given me the opportunity to see the “bigger picture” and that is to LIVE and LIVE life more abundantly. We often times have difficulty facing the unknown; however through coaching, I have gathered the tools to not fear, but be bold in reality and move forward. So I say Thank You Melanie Foote-Davis for changing my life forever. “
— Shantelle