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Conversations with Melanie is that one with a dear  friend who listens with compassion and understanding.  She offers a safe space where I am able to strip down my fears, insecurities and self-doubt. By the end of our conversation, I am left with not only with a sense of clarity but just the confidence that is needed to mobilize me to keep going.

There is a spirit of sisterhood that Melanie offers that is certainly not easy to find, she is truly a gem-A true gift for all of the lives that she is able to touch and impact.

With Deepest Gratitude,

/  Lucy Coutinho, AUthor  /



From the moment I started my new life journey with Love and Freedom Academy, I've felt a difference in my life, a difference I had been searching for most of my life.  It's such a blessing to feel lighter, to laugh more to appreciate myself more, to become the best friend I've ever had. My new journey isn't always easy but with Melanie as my coach I feel I can accomplish anything.  Melanie is a true blessing from GOD. I know he has personally given her this calling.

Imagine carrying an extremely heavy piece of luggage and you have to stop every so often to empty it until it gets lighter and lighter that's how I equate my journey with Melanie Foote-Davis.

/  cynthia  /


 I am grateful for the experiences my life partner and I had with Melanie Foote-Davis. At first my partner and I, who have been together for nearly 25 years, did not know what to expect from your coaching. Well, both of us learned new things about each other in just one coaching session to help us become better listeners. It was not only what we learned to do, but how your coaching made us learn in a non-confrontational environment. Melanie Foote-Davis has a unique communication style that is very effective as a facilitator of people. You are not judgmental in your approach and have an easy style to get people to discuss and listen. I recommend Melanie to any couple, to any person, and any organization that needs some support by an effective coach. 

/  V. San Juan  /


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